About Laser Hairvein Clinic | New Buffalo Medical Center

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Dr. Gene L. Hwang has been offering the benefits of the Vasculight Photoderm Laser since April 1999 after receiving extensive training from Lumenis, the first aesthetic Laser available in the field.

Dr. Gene L. Hwang has practiced Family Practice in New Buffalo, after completing his medical training from 1981-1985 at Mt. Carmel Hospital in Columbus, OH and Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago, IL.

With great enthusiasm, Dr. Hwang has been providing treatment for the following conditions with high success:

  • Unwanted hair removal,
  • Facial spider veins, rosacea, flushing
  • Sun/age spots, pigmented lesions, birthmarks
  • Tattoo removal
  • Also, any other skin imperfections due to sun damage
  • Treatment with Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation, which is very promising without down time
  • Botox and Restylane treatments

Treatment for such conditions is provided with the aid of the intense pulsed light and 1064 Yag laser, which has been available in the United States since the beginning of 1998.

To schedule a consultation or for further information regarding treatment of problem skin or unwanted hair, please email or phone Dr. Hwang Directly.